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The frenulum is the stretchy band of skin that attaches the foreskin to the underside of the shaft of the penis. This area is very sensitive and can deliver a lot of pleasure. It is possible to tear the frenulum during masturbation and sexual intercourse. If the area tears over and over, scar tissue can form making the frenulum less stretchy. This in turn makes it more likely to tear again. To prevent tearing, you may have to take it slowly with masturbation and intercourse.
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This Penis Condition Often Goes Undetected Until a Person Tries to Masturbate

When a guy feels aroused his penis becomes harder and he gets an erection. Most guys masturbate by stroking or rubbing the shaft of their penis. Some guys masturbate by moving their foreskin up and down their penis. Other guys masturbate by putting lubricant lube on their penis, to make it slippery, and then slide their hand up and down their penis. What feels good will be different for every guy, only he can work out what feels best for him. When a guy does these things, his penis can become very sensitive and his testicles may tighten to the body.
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It was am on a November morning when Steve woke up to the snuffles of his three-month-old son. Steve experiences a medical condition in which he is unable to pull his foreskin back past his glans the round part forming the end of the penis. Around 96 percent of baby boys have a non-retractable foreskin, but biological changes and the onset of erections mean that the foreskin becomes looser as they grow older.
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The circumcised vs. Are uncircumcised people more sensitive? Are circumcised penises cleaner?
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    I have researched it for most of my life and there is zero evidence (unless you count human fantasy, confusion or delusion as evidence).
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